Feature documentary film

Production: Studio Tropics
A film by Lorenz Florizoone & Stig Junes

KATA (型, かた)  is a term derived from the Japanese principles of Karate.
It represents a set of techniques, in which a fight with imaginary adversaries takes place.

KATA is a social documentary about boundaries, hope and determination.
Three people with severe physical disabilities  share the same passion: Karate.
To them the practice of karate is more than a pass-time activity, it has changed their lives completely. Frank, Giacomo and Dave all live for their sport, spending as much time as they have to practice. By doing so, they are able to transcend the boundaries of being disabled persons in society.

 Karate becomes a symbol for their struggle, and a way to cope with the frustrations and fears that they cope with in their everyday lives.

Expected: 2019.