De Standaard - Festivals

Reports on the Belgian festival summer with Hinda Bluekens

Client: De Standaard (MEDIAHUIS)
Production: Studio Tropics
Camera: Lorenz Florizoone
Edit: Stig Junes
Hostess: Hinda Bluekens

Each summer the Belgian meadows are packed with music stages and partypeople from all over the world. 
News service De STANDAARD commissioned us to report on the biggest festivals (Rock Werchter, Graspop, Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop). With the ever cheerful Hinda Bluekens on our side to present the videos, we explored the Belgian festivals for highlights and side-attractions, and to learn about what is hot and what is not amongst the festival crowds.

The videos were actively used on the social media platforms and website of DeSTANDAARD, gaining large viewing statistics.