Live concert video.

Dries - 'Way Down'

Music: Dries
Production: Studio Tropics
Camera: Lorenz Florizoone, Stig Junes
Edit: Lorenz Florizoone, Stig Junes
Sound mix: Niels Neven

We made this live video to boost the promotion of Dries' first solo album 'For The Light In Thy Heart'. The goal was to transmit through video the intimacy of attending a Dries gig live.

Dries is a Belgian singer-songwriter. Influenced by Bob Dylan, Will Oldham and Ry Cooder his tale is one of fine intimate indiefolk. Known as the frontman of the Antwerp based band New Rising Sun, Dries comes alive on stage and sings authentic, emotional songs. In 2017 Dries reached out to audiences with his solo dubut 'For The Light In Thy Heart'.