Demigods // Halfgoden.

 Social documentary


Film stills:

Demigods // Halfgoden (2019)

Production: Studio Tropics
Director: Stig Junes
DOP: Lorenz Florizoone
Presentation: Valentijn De Hingh
PA: Dorothea Riecker
Translators: Pankaj Dutti, Punit Reddy

Valentijn De Hingh - a transgender model and dj from Holland - travels with a film crew to India to meet the oldest etnic transgender community in the world. The so-called hijras are known as the ‘third gender’ and have existed for at least as long as the very roots of Hindu culture. Valentijn is fascinated by their status as demi-gods and by their special powers and religious traditions, but she soon also learns about the violence and oppression the hijras have faced ever since the British colonization took place. Modern India also presents many challenges for the transgenders of India. Hijras are often regarded as sex objects, and their weak position in society is exploited by people of power. Because the job market will not open up to them, a lot of transgenders end up doing sex work. A dangerous occupation to perform without the protection of the police force.
In this documentary Valentijn travels from Mumbai to New Delhi and Allahabad, meeting transgenders from all walks of life and taking part in great events such as the Delhi Queer Pride Parade and the preparations of the Kumbh Melah.

The documentary was aired on Belgian television broadcaster CANVAS (30th and 31st of March 2019) and on Dutch television broadcaster NPO3 (27th of july).

The making of the documentary was sponsored by VRANCKX & DE NOMADEN and FONDS PASCAL DECROOS.


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