Video content for Flemish campaign

Kim Gevaert.


Client: Mediahuis // De Standaard
Production: Studio Tropics
Camera: Lorenz Florizoone
Editing: Stig Junes, Lorenz Florizoone
Graphics: Jonas Swolfs (De Standaard)

This video content was used as a means to announce the start of a 'curious' campaign that would take place in the whole of Flanders. People from all over the region were invited to join the largest civil measurement ever performed with regard to air quality. MEDIAHUIS asked us to make a number of videos in which popular Flemish persons declare there involvement in the campaign as its ambassadors and call upon the people to join.

The campaign videos were a gigantic succes, reaching a big audience through the online portal of De Standaard and even going as far as reaching the newscast of Flemish commercial broadcaster VTM.