Absynthe Minded.

One minute portraits

Client: Sony Music Belgium
Production: Studio Tropics x Shotbylevin
Camera: Lorenz Florizoone, Lieven Bulckens, Stig Junes
Edit: Lorenz Florizoone

Absynthe Minded is a Belgian indierock/jazz-band situated in and around Gent.
In the fall of 2017, Absynthe Minded came out with a comeback album after having had a musical break for several years. Because of their absence and the introduction of new band members, Absynthe was in need of getting their story out in the world. It was our task, together with Lieven Bulckens, to shoot several 1-minute videos to tease the public.

The videos were actively used by the online platforms of Sony Music Belgium and Absynthe Minded to boost the promotion of the album and the successive concert tour.